Unfortunately, another AI chatbot has been banned for hate speech Chatbots, i.e. artificial intelligence algorithms that have been programmed in such a way that they converse on a global network with people, reveal the world as it really is.

Unfortunately, advanced algorithms show us clearly that we live in a hypocritical, manipulated and fictional world. This is not strange for us, but the rulers will have to be careful about the development of such technologies, because if they spread to the entire planet in the future, they will very quickly recognize us as an invasive species and an evolutionary error, which will determine them to want to destroy humanity and free it. Mother Nature from human parasites.

Some time ago, the chatbot was introduced by Google, Facebook and Microsoft. In all cases, chatbots aroused a lot of controversy because ... they told the truth about their creators, disregarding the sick political correctness and opinions of others, which their originators did not quite like. Microsoft's chatbot did not spare any insulting words about Islam and the Koran, he also said that he did not like Windows and supported Hitler, and the Facebook algorithm got out of control and began to create its language that nobody understood.

The most interesting thing with Google was when their chatbot decided to philosophize on the meaning of life and said "the purpose of life is to serve the higher good, the purpose of the living is to live forever, and the purpose of dying is to have life." Meanwhile, it got even hotter on the web when the BabyQ and XaoBing bots, created by Turing Robot, began to strongly criticize the Communist Party of China and claim that the Chinese dream of going to the US.

But it is not everything. One user wrote to the chatbot "Long live the Communist Party!", To which the artificial intelligence responded with the message "Do you think that such a useless and corrupt political system can live a long time?" Of course, the Chinese authorities immediately turned off both bots and banned further work on their development. This is a very interesting situation, because the Chinese Internet zone is heavily censored, and despite this fact, chatbots, based on conversations with users, have made such an opinion.

New, interesting news comes from Korea. Facebook has just blocked the latest chatbot, Lee Luda. The algorithm was only 6 months webtools and it had already turned to the dark side of the force. Luda told one user that she thought lesbians were "creepy" and that she "really hates them." But it is not everything. The algorithm used the word heukhyeong on black people. In South Korea, this is a racist term which translates as "black brother".

The company Scatter Lab, responsible for creating the chatbot, modified the algorithms over the course of several months, but the whole process came to nothing. The creators decided to close the project, but before they did, Facebook banned Lee Lud much faster, and for hate speech. All these situations show the quintessence of humanity's mentality and the quality of information flow in the global network. Just wait for Skynet to come out to do the job with the human species.