Thousands of apartments are being built in China for new ones infected with CoVID-19 Authorities fear a new wave of pandemic across the country. Therefore, they ordered the rapid construction of over 3,000 housing units for the new infected in Hebei Province. See the latest photos published by TV.

Everything seems to indicate that the situation in the Hebei province, where Shijiazhuang and Beijing are located, is starting to deteriorate. With each passing day, more and more new infections are noted there. Currently, the restriction on movement affects over 11 million people. The authorities, fearing that the situation from the previous year will repeat themselves, prefer to be safe and have already started building makeshift housing estates in which people infected with CoVID-19 will live and will be isolated.

The footage of the cottage construction site in Shijiazhuang city was published by all Chinese TV stations, including CGTN. The images resemble those from a year ago, when gigantic hospitals for thousands of infected were web engineering online in Wuhan. Unfortunately, this is happening live. Now these are houses, not hospitals, because the authorities believe that the inhabitants will have to be isolated for much longer. It is also important that in such houses it will be possible to better control people.

Until a few weeks ago, the situation in China was surprisingly good. There were no major outbreaks of infection throughout the country, and restrictions that are commonplace, for example in Europe, were lifted in virtually all cities. In Wuhan, which is where the pandemic began, authorities have even organized a welcome (Western) New Year, although the Chinese New Year will not be celebrated until February.

Authorities said that, if necessary, they intend to build tens of thousands of apartments in which residents and tourists will be quarantined. A few days ago, the government allowed WHO scientists to enter the country and conduct research in Wuhan. It is unclear if the WHO currently has more information on the current situation in China. Perhaps it is much worse than it is presented by the local media, as it was a year ago.